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  • myPay Kronos Changes as of 12/24/17
  • Viewing a list of employees
  • Navigating in the application
  • Viewing Accruals and Totals on the timecard
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Kronos & myPay Emails

Review communications regarding myPay and Kronos changes:


  • Please take note! The Payroll Export for myPay on Monday 5/28/18 (Memorial Day) Holiday will remain on Monday, 5/28/18.
  • Please click 9163096098 to view communications regarding this payroll schedule.
  • If your pay period ends on this date… Approve Timecards on this date
    Monday 5/21
    Tuesday 5/22
    Wednesday 5/23
    Approve timescards by Thursday 5/24 1pm local time
    (no exceptions or extensions)
    Thursday 5/24
    Friday 5/25
    Saturday 5/26
    Sunday 5/27
    Approve timescards by Monday 5/28 1pm local time
    (no exceptions or extensions)
  • Review the (913) 951-1505 for a summary of the changes and associated job aids for detailed information. The jobs aids are also listed below.
  • REMINDER - There are only two payroll days (Thursday and Monday). Missed punches are to be corrected daily. Timecard corrections and approvals are due by 1pm local time on your payroll day.
  • Overview of Kronos Changes for myPay - overall list of changes in Kronos in support of myPay.
  • 7096761811New! - Pay Code adds, changes, removals in Kronos.
  • myPay Tip-Eligible Job Code Reference New! – Schedule employees earning tips in a tip-eligible job.
  • 3098620685 New! – new Tip Keeper application available in Kronos; enter tips before approving timecards.
  • predepart New! - Payroll submission is simplified and is a “pull” process; however, timecards must be corrected and approved by 1pm local time on your payroll day (Thursday or Monday).
  • 778-231-0196 - Payroll day (Thursday or Monday) is based on pay period; no exceptions!
  • As a Kronos user, you have access to the Kronos Workforce Mobile app. This app allows you to view schedules, review timecard exceptions, fix missed punches, and approve timecards.
  • Download the app via your smartphone and be sure to enter the url (server address) as: /m.aramarklabor.com/wfc
    For more information and instructions please 720-506-0690.

Please use the following (231) 438-8927 to lookup available work areas within your profit center(s)